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Jeroen Rijnders – Wereldwijde identiteitscrisis (Global Identity Crisis)

21rozendaal, Enschede, the Netherlands

February 18 - April 18, 2010


Jeroen Rijnders press overview


Photography: Thijs de Lange

Jeroen Rijnders philosophizes through fragile drawings and collages about the foundation of existence.


Jeroen Rijnders asks himself persistently what life is all about. He has turned this question to the subject of his art. In the exhibition in 21rozendaal, which coincided with the municipal elections, Rijnders seized the chance to muse upon our way of life and to propose a path for the future. Especially at this moment when various crises ruled, it seemed more important than ever to position oneself: will we continue on the chosen path or is it time to change course?


The red line that tied together his drawings and collages guided the viewer through four phases: Observation: we amble unsatisfied, aimless and blind behind each other; Analysis: we are stuck; Conclusion: we are on the zero-point of an identity crisis and Future: we can now determine the direction, where do we want to go? The drawings carried titles such as Unbearable Lightness of Powerlessness, Let’s rock this party, Tamed man and Institute for new Ethetica. The line referred to a graph line like the AEX index, a timeline or a heart rhythm. Where the red line ended, in the here and now, hung a questionnaire. It assisted the visitor in determining his position. I sometimes dread to start thinking on major issues but with this artist nearby I actually can′t remember why. His enthusiasm and conviction to tackle major issues, is contagious.


I transformed the previously unused upper floor of 21rozendaal into an exhibition space. Here I gave young Dutch artists under the heading 1UP the chance to make a first solo exhibition. Besides Jeroen Rijnders there were Koen Taselaar, Patrick van Vught, Das BilT and Evelien Lohbeck.